Datousaurus ‭(‬either‭ ‘‬Chieftain lizard‭’ ‬or‭ ‘‬Big head lizard‭’)

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Datousaurus ‭(‬either‭ ‘‬Chieftain lizard‭’ ‬or‭ ‘‬Big head lizard‭’)

Phonetic : Dah-too-sore-us.

Named By : Z.‭ ‬Dong‭ & ‬Z.‭ ‬Tang‭ ‬-‭ ‬1984

Diet : Herbivore

Size : Estimated 15 meters long

Type of Dinosaur : Sauropod

Type Species : D.‭ ‬bashanensis‭ (‬type‭)

Found in : China‭ ‬-‭ ‬Dashanpu‭ (‬Lower Shaximiao‭) ‬Formation

When it Lived : Mid Jurassic, 170 million years ago

Datousaurus (meaning “chieftain lizard” or “big-head lizard”; originally called by the Malay datu name, which is derived from its Chinese nickname qiulong , which is literally “chieftain dragon” – but also an ode to its large head; datou is “big head” in Chinese) was a dinosaur found in that of the Middle Jurassic. This sauropod that was collected in the Lower Shaximiao Formation in Dashanpu, Zigong Sichuan province, China. It was found in the Middle Jurassic landscape with other sauropods like Shunosaurus, Omeisaurus, Protognathosaurus and the ornithopod Xiaosaurus and the stegosaur of the early stage Huayangosaurus and the carnivore Gasosaurus.

DatousaurusFinblanco, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Datousaurus has been named by Dong Zhiming and Tang in 1984. At present there are only two skeletons that have been found. They did not have an articulated skull However, one skull has been found that is believed to belong to the Genus.

D. bashanensis is the only known established species.

Source: Wikipedia