Rugops ‭(‬Wrinkle face‭)‬

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Rugops ‭(‬Wrinkle face‭)‬

Phonetic : Roo-gops.

Named By : P. C. Sereno, J. A. Wilson, & J. L. Conrad – 2004

Diet : Carnivore

Size : Estimated 5 meters long

Type of Dinosaur : Large Theropod

Type Species : R.‭ ‬primus (type)

Found in : Africa,‭ ‬Niger – Echkar Formation

When it Lived : Late Cretaceous, 95 million years ago

Rugops (meaning “wrinkle face”) is a genus in the Theropod dinosaurs that lived in the area that is now Africa (Morocco and Niger) about 9 million years ago at the Cenomanian stage of the Late Cretaceous.

Rugops skullRyan Somma from Occoquan, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Although only known from a fragment of skull discovered inside the Echkar Formation and a left maxilla found in The Kem Kem Beds Rugops was initially believed to be having a length of 6 meters (19.7 feet) in length and weighing 750 kg (1,650 lbs) in weight, based on the comparisons made with its cousins. The latest estimations suggest a new size at 4.4 metres (14.4 feet). However, other sources suggest it measured 5.3 metres (17.4 feet) long and 410 kg (900 pounds) to weight. The length of the skull of Rugops was approximately 31.5 centimetres (12.4 inches). Paul Sereno, who led the team who discovered the fossil, explained “It’s not the kind of head designed for fighting or bone-crushing” which suggests that it could be possibly a predator. The skull’s top has seven holes that are two rows long that have no significance, but Sereno has suggested that they could have been used to anchor a display crest or horns due to the presence of blood vessels’ grooves which lead to these pits.

Like other abelisaurids Rugops likely had extremely short, or perhaps even insignificant arms. These arms were probably not useful in fighting, and might be used only to balance the head of the dinosaur.

Source: Wikipedia