Rhoetosaurus (Rhoetos lizard)

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Rhoetosaurus (Rhoetos lizard)

Phonetic : Rhoe-toe-sore-us.

Named By : Heber Longman – 1926

Diet : Herbivore

Size : Estimated 12-15 meters long

Type of Dinosaur : Sauropod

Type Species : R. brownei (type)

Found in : Australia, Queensland – Hutton Sandstone Formation

When it Lived : Mid Jurassic, 177-169 million years ago

Rhoetosaurus (meaning “Rhoetos lizard”) is named in honor of Rhoetus as a titan in Greek Mythology, is a sauropod dinosaur species that was found in the Jurassic (Oxfordian) Walloon Coal Measures of the area that is now the eastern part of Australia. Rhoetosaurus is believed to have measured around 15 meters (49 feet) in length, and weighed around 9 tons (8.9 length tons and 9.9 short tonnes). Later authors have often mispelled the name as: Rhaetosaurus (de Lapparent and Laverat 1955); Rheteosaurus (Yadagiri, Prasad and Satsangi 1979).

The year 1924 was when Heber Longman was self-trained as a paleontologist in (and the later Director of) the Queensland Museum in Brisbane discovered an enormous fossil reptile skeleton that was discovered within the Walloon Coal Measures at Durham Downs near Roma in the southern part of inland Queensland. The manager of the station, Arthur Browne, forwarded bones fragments to Longman and was honored with the name of the dinosaur brownei. The first collection consisted consisting of 22 tail vertebrae which included a set of 16 bones in succession as well as other hindlimb fragments. pieces. After Longman revealed the discovery at the station, he walked in and made arrangements for additional pieces from the same skeleton be shipped into Queensland Museum. Queensland Museum. This included vertebrae that were not in the thoracic zone and rib bones caudals, additional caudals and further of the pelvis and femur and cervical vertebra. Additional material was gathered through Mary Wade and Alan Bartholomai in 1975, and more was collected by Drs. Tom Rich, Anne Warren, Zhao Xijin, and Ralph Molnar. In 2012, the prepared material contained 40 vertebrae, five thoracic ribs in partial form and a portion of the sacrum, pieces of the ilia Isium, the pubic left and right bones, and a significant portion of right hindlimb (femur, astragalus, tibia, fibula astragalus, and pes). There are more bones to be removed from the rock.

Rhoetosaurus is one of the most well-known sauropods that have been discovered to date in Australia and in Gondwana, as well as for Jurassic of Gondwana.

Source: Wikipedia