Qiaowanlong (Qiaowan dragon)

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Qiaowanlong (Qiaowan dragon)

Phonetic : Zhow-wan-long.

Named By : You & Li – 2009

Diet : Herbivore

Size : Estimated 12 meters long

Type of Dinosaur : Sauropod

Type Species : Q. kangxii (type)

Found in : China, Gansu, Yujinzi Basin

When it Lived : Early Cretaceous, 100 million years ago

Qiaowanlong, which means “Qiaowan Dragon”, is a genus that includes sauropod dinosaurs. Fossils of the genus were discovered in China’s Yujinzi Basin in Gansu in 2007. They were published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B in 2009. These remains are from the Xinminpu Group geological formation, which dates back to the Early Cretaceous (Albian Stage) around 100 Ma. Only one known specimen is found. It includes articulated cervical (neck), vertebrae, and a right pelvicgirdle. There are also several unidentified bone fragments. Qiaowanlong was originally reported to be the first brachiosaurid ever found in China. Later analysis revealed that it was closer to titanosauriformes Euhelopus or Erketu. It would have weighed approximately 6 tonnes and measured 12 metres in length (39 feet). Q. kangxii is the type species.

Skeleton of Qiaowanlong kangxiiSSR2000, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikipedia