Iguanodon ‭(‬Iguana tooth‭)

Iguanodon ‭(‬Iguana tooth‭)


Named By

Gideon Mantell‭ ‬-‭ ‬1825




Estimated up to 10 meters long

Type of Dinosaur


Type Species

I.‭ ‬bernissartensis‭ (‬neotype‭) I. galvensis

Found in

Initially associated with Western Europe,‭ ‬attributed remains are now known in Africa,‭ ‬Asia and North America

When it Lived

Early Cretaceous, 130-125 million years ago

Iguanodon Facts

Iguanodon was a large herbivorous dinosaur that lived during the Early Cretaceous period, around 130-125 million years ago. Its name means “iguana tooth,” due to the similarity between its teeth and those of modern-day iguanas.

Iguanodon was one of the first dinosaurs to be scientifically described, and it played a key role in the early understanding of dinosaur biology. It was a large, bipedal dinosaur, with a bulky body, long tail, and powerful hind legs. Its front limbs were shorter and had three-fingered hands that were capable of grasping and manipulating objects.

One of the most distinctive features of Iguanodon was its teeth, which were large, serrated, and shaped like a spoon. Unlike other dinosaurs, Iguanodon had teeth that were adapted for grinding tough vegetation, and it is believed to have been one of the first herbivorous dinosaurs to evolve such teeth.

Iguanodon is known from many fossils, including numerous skeletons and footprints. Its fossils have been found in Europe, North America, and Asia, suggesting that it was a widespread dinosaur during its time.

In addition to its distinctive teeth, Iguanodon is also known for its prominent thumb spikes. These spikes were likely used for defense against predators, and also helped the dinosaur grasp onto and manipulate vegetation.

Iguanodon is an important dinosaur in the history of paleontology, as it helped shape early understanding of dinosaur biology and was one of the first dinosaurs to be described by scientists. Today, it is still an important example of the diverse and fascinating world of dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth.

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