Chubutisaurus ‭(‬Chubut lizard‭)

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Chubutisaurus ‭(‬Chubut lizard‭)

Phonetic : Chu-but-e-sore-us.

Named By : G.‭ ‬del Corro‭ ‬-‭ ‬1975

Diet : Herbivore

Size : Estimated 20-23 meters long

Type of Dinosaur : Sauropod

Type Species : C.‭ ‬insignis‭ (‬type‭)‬

Found in : Argentina,‭ ‬Chubut Province‭ ‬-‭ ‬Cerro Barcino Formation,‭ ‬Bayo Overo Member.

When it Lived : Early Cretaceous, 112-99 million years ago

The Chubutisaurus (meaning “Chubut lizard”) is a dinosaur genus that was discovered in early in the Early Cretaceous Period. It was found within South America. The sauropod is classified and is among the titanosaurs. The species of the type, Chubutisaurus insignis, was identified by del Corro in 1975. Its fossils were discovered within the Cerro Barcino Formation, Albian stage, about 110 million years ago. Chubutisaurus was more robust in its size than Venenosaurus. In 2010, Gregory Paul gave a length of 18 meters (59 feet) and the weight was 12 tons (13.2 short tonnes). Thomas Holtz estimated its length at 23 meters (75.5 feet) during 2012.

Source: Wikipedia