Quetzalcoatlus‭ (‬from Quetzalcoatl‭)


Quetzalcoatlus‭ (‬from Quetzalcoatl‭) Phonetic ‭K‬wet-zal-co-at-las Named By Douglas A.‭ ‬Lawson‭ ‬-‭ ‬1975 Diet Carnivore Size Estimated about 10-11 meters‭ wingspan Type of Dinosaur Pterosaur Type Species Q.‭ ‬northropi (type) Found in U.S.A.,‭ ‬Texas,‭ ‬Javelina Formation,‭ ‬Big Bend National Park When it Lived Late Cretaceous, 68-66 million years ago Quetzalcoatlus Facts Quetzalcoatlus is a genus of …

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